we weld together

people at our company are our most valuable asset.

We are a tight-knit, engaged and well organised team, and regardless of the position occupied within a company, we have one objective – provide our final customers with quality and satisfaction from cooperating with us. We are precise and effective, we gladly undertake new tasks.
We are engaged in our professional duties on a daily basis and in our free time our heads are full of ideas for interesting and original leisure activities – get to know our staff!









team-building events/ staff meetings

There is always something happening in our company, see for yourself!

Bendex staff at the Nadawki manor during a team-building event.
The central theme of the meeting was an Aristocratic Feast.

The attractions we could participate in included but were not limited to:

  • A show and training in using melee weapons and black powder arms
  • Cannon shooting
  • Shooting tournament
  • Spear and battleaxe throwing
  • Sword play
  • And many others.